Sweetwater Kids

Your First Visit

Upon checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information(NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone)

  • Parent/guardian name
  • Child's name
  • Phone number
  • Any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your children

How Check-in Works

Before Service: You can check-in your child at their specific area. After signing your child in, you and your child will be given matching name tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion while you hold on to the matching tag.

After Service: After the service is complete, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.

During Service: In the event that we need to contact you during the service, your child’s identification code will appear on the screen. We ask that you exit the auditorium immediately and look for a staff member or volunteer who will direct you to your child’s room.

Got Questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Sweetwater Kids experience or visiting Sweetwater with children, simply click here to get in touch with us!

Student Ministry

Our Student ministry is affectionately called "Project 412", Why? We take the idea that students shouldn't "let anyone look down on them because of your youth" (1 Timothy 4:12) very seriously. As result of that, we teach our students how to live a life that is grounded in a lifestyle that is foreign to this culture.

What We Focus On

At Sweetwater, we believe that students are valuable and can fill a massive void in our world. So, we teach them things that help lay a foundation for them to grow from. Since we want our students to have a firm foundation, here are some of the things they can expect to learn.

  • Authentic Faith
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Healthy Friendships
  • Moral Boundaries
  • Wise Choices
  • Authority of God
  • Servanthood

Our belief is that if we can help provide a solid foundation in these area, students will be better equipped to handle what ever life may throw at them.

What a Night at Project 412 Looks Like

Project 412 happens each Sunday afternoon from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. During that time, students engage in different games designed to foster team work and relationships. We also have a time of teaching and discussion that focuses on how students can deepen their faith and be challenged to live more and more like Jesus every day.

Student Impact

Students at Sweetwater are more than just a pretty face. They are people filled with gifts and talents. Since we see the potential that each student has, we try to plug them into the different areas of ministry at Sweetwater. Those areas include:

  • Production (sound, lights, livestream, projection)
  • Sweetwater Kids (assistant, worship leader, host)
  • Musicians (Sunday mornings)

Patrick Hicks Men's Center

What Is The Patrick Hicks Men's Center?

The Patrick Hicks Men's Center is a ministry of Sweetwater Baptist Church that provides assistance, shelter, mentoring, and spiritual guidance to men of all ages, races, and backgrounds who struggle with addiction, homelessness, or have experienced overwhelming difficulty in their life. Men are able to stay at the center, find gainful employment, learn life skills, then transition out of the center to be back on their own.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost for men staying at the center. We work with many local organizations, including local churches, mental health treatment, and local law enforcement to provide shelter and assistance to those struggling in our area.

Got Questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Patrick Hicks Men's Center, simply click here to get in touch with us!